Houses of Multiple Occupants

We at LPG Property Management Ltd can help all HMO owners.

Massive Changes For Those Owning HMO Properties

Due to the introduction of the new HMO Regulations on the 1st April 2019 all HMO owners are going to be subjected to new rules in order to maintain your HMO licence. The following willl be applied when you apply for your renewal:

  1. Any room that falls below 6.5 sq. meters will be deemed too small for a bedroom(this could affect some 3 bed properties currently let as an HMO)
  2. Overheard door closers will have to be attached to all Fire Doors

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Due to our close association with L.A.N.I (Landlords Association of NI) we have been involved with detailed discussions with Belfast City Council who now control the HMO scheme for all of NI. We have a thorough knowledge of the new rules and will be more than happy to offer advice to any HMO Landlord.

The most important advice is get your renewal application in early (a minimum of 6 months before expiry of old licence). This means that if you have a problem/delay with renewal and you have tenants in situ you will still have your old licence in place and therefore avoid committing a criminal offence of operating an HMO without a licence.

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