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Landlord Services

Essential Landlord Information


  • Advice on rental charges
  • Guidance on contents required e.g. furnishings etc.
  • Preparing checklist of property
  • Sorting and listing keys where necessary
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  • Supplying and erecting To Let signs
  • PERSONALLY showing prospective tenants around property
  • Press advertising when necessary
  • Maintenance of our web page
  • Maintenance of property listing on Property Pal web-page
  • Finding the RIGHT tenants for your property
  • Taking up references when required
  • Preparation of Lease Agreement/all legal documentation (Guarantor's etc.)
  • Furnishing tenants with all notices as required by the Housing Act NI 2011
  • Collection of Deposit Bond to be held by L.P.G. until end of tenancy
  • Processing of tenants application for Housing Benefit.
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  • Checking inventory (supplied by owner) with tenant
  • N.I.E. Metre reading and dipping oil tank
  • Showing new tenant into property and explaining different functions central heating, shower etc.
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  • If it is necessary for a solicitor to take action due to rent arrears or breach of covenant, the landlord will be responsible for instructing his own solicitor and all fees involved.
  • Under the Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006 tenancies that start on or after 1st April 2007 an inventory of furnishing must be provided in the statement of Tenancy Terms. This should be checked, agreed and signed by the landlord and tenant with a copy given to the tenant, with any existing damage clearly noted. A proper inventory can help avoid any disagreements at the end of a tenancy especially involving the return of deposits.
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It will be the Landlord's responsibility to indemnify us as agents against any costs, expenses or liabilities incurred on his behalf and in pursuit of our normal duties.

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At regular intervals whilst tenant is in residence we will contact them to arrange inspection as per tenancy agreement. However if they cannot be there we will still carry out the inspection at an agreed time with them.

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  • Collecting the rent which will be forwarded to the landlord less any charges via bank transfer or cheque with a statement each month/term.
  • Any arrears are pursued by written requests personal contact and if necessary by letter to guarantors where applicable.
  • Ensuring that all paperwork is in order in the event that you have to take legal action to recover rent arrears.
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  • Should any maintenance work be required we can undertake to arrange this.
  • Repairs up to the value of £50 per item carried out as required. For repairs over this we would contact the owner and submit quotations for approval. All invoices for repairs are sent with the statement.
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  • Checking the tenants out of the property at the end of their tenancy.
  • Collecting keys and making sure the property is secure.
  • Informing the owner that their property is now ready for inspecting.
  • Returning deposit to tenant after owner has agreed that everything has been checked and in working order.
  • If the property needs cleaned or some repairs this can be arranged.
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  • Arranging annual inspection/service of Fire Detection Systems and obtaining necessary certificates to comply with HMO yearly self-certification.
  • Monitoring of rubbish disposal/collection.
  • SUPPLYING 24 hr. Emergency Tel no.
  • Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour of Tenants/Guests of Tenants
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  • It is the Landlord's responsibility to ensure that any rental property complies with current safety regulations. Further information and advice on current safety regulations is available on request.
  • NICEIC regulations require all electrical installations be tested at least every five years by a qualified electrician, which must be carried out prior to letting. Plugs and sockets that are newly installed must conform to appropriate British standards or approved alternatives.
  • EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates legally required since 1st January 2009), Council Certificates of Fitness (required under 2006 Private Tenancies Order) and Gas Safe Annual Gas Safety checks (required annually under statute) can be carried out on Landlords behalf by registered contractors if required.
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  • We would strongly advise owners to inform their current insurers that the property is for letting, as their existing policy may NOT offer adequate cover.
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  • Prepare and submit returns to Inland Revenue on revenue collected as required.
  • Figures sent to owner for agreement 1 month before we make return.
  • Returns are made 1-YEAR IN ARREARS.
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  • 24-hour service to deal with all problems burst pipes broken windows etc.
  • Available for LOST/FORGOTTON keys. (Late on Sunday night in particular)
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  • Long Term Tenant - The charge for our service is an annual £75 registration fee and 10% + VAT of monies collected.
  • Student Tenant - The charge for our service is an annual £75 registration fee and 15% + VAT of monies collected.
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